Heartland Housing Partners

Collaborating with communities, employers, and local investors to create attainable and desirable residential developments in rural communities.

Welcome to Heartland Housing Partners

Heartland Housing Partners views rural housing as an economic development issue, the same as creating new jobs, bolstering education and quality healthcare. Many rural communities are experiencing robust economies and increased employment. Unfortunately, lack of attainable housing is thwarting additional economic development opportunities in these communities.

By collaborating with local communities, employers and local investors we develop attainable, desirable housing in rural communities. In order to do so we implement a combination of best practice production building processes combined with local development incentives to create housing in an underserved sector.

Heartland Housing Partners’ solution is not one-size fits all and execution isn’t exactly the same in every community. However, the methodology is similar in every community and will promote efficiencies in project cost and time along with mitigating both debt and equity participants risk.

For more information, please call Ross Vogel: (816) 686-6600